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Summer is wrapping up and the kids will soon go back to school. Usually the real estate market is influenced by the rhythm of holidays, weather events and of course the school calendar. What I have noticed working with sellers who are ready and willing to sell their house for cash in an all-is state is that need or desire to press the escape or “easy” button is always there. Sellers who look around their homes and see unfinished projects like walls in need of repair and paint, old carpet that needs to be pulled up and replaced and outdated bathrooms and kitchens. That stuff gets expensive and fast! What I try to do is be understanding of whatever the case is that lead them to where they are- maybe it was a financial hardship or a sickness that impeded the homeowner from keeping up, maybe it was a divorce. Whatever the situation, there are solutions with us. I see the home for what it is and what it could be with some minor (and sometimes major) TLC. This allows me to give the homeowner a fair offer given the condition of the property and they get to collect their check and move on to their next chapter in life. This has been extremely rewarding for me and the team to see. Sitting at the closing table and seeing the sense of relief in the seller as they tell us their plans to move to a maintenance free townhouse, to move closer to family, better or best yet, move to Mexico! Whatever they decide to do next is their adventure and we get to say we were a part of making that happen for them. Our team likes to take a seemingly overwhelming project and turn things around and make it shine. The best part of my job is that I get to take my resources to improve a home and improve the lives of the sellers all at the same time!

Enjoy the last few weeks in August and the back to school season!


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