Sell your Cape coral home, the pros and cons of cash investor vs going the traditional route

Sell your Cape Coral home is stressful and often brings up anxiety, the thoughts can overtake our mind…will someone want my home, do I need to do repairs, how much will those costs, what if I get an offer move out of my house and then the deal falls apart…the list of concerns is endless. So what’s the difference between selling the traditional way or to a cash investor. Stay with me as we explore this process.

When you sell your Cape Coral home you will make the most money selling the traditional route. It will be the most work and stress but that’s how you make the most money. I wrote a blog for my other company TM Listings 14 steps to selling your home you can read here .. The more hoops you’re willing to jump through to sell your Cape Coral home the more money you will make for the sale, its that simple. You will have showings, negotiations, appraisal, inspections, it’s a lot of hoops to jump through. So, let’s explore what it’s like to sell to a cash buyer like Henry Home Buyer.

Suppose your home needs a lot of work, extensive repairs and likely won’t get financing anyway, or you have a problem tenant, code violations, inherited the home and you live far away or just need to close really fast. Sometimes the best options is the easiest option to sell your home. When Henry Home Buyer buys your home we buy it as-is, you can leave anything you don’t want to move out behind, close when its convenient for you, you can close quick, or wait until its ideal. No realtor fees and at Henry Home Buyer we pay all the closing costs. Selling to a cash investor takes the stress a Seller is feeling and removes it. Typically, a Seller will not get as much money if they choose this route but it’s a very low stress process. You will exchange equity for an easy sale.

I’ve bought many homes over the years, typically they are in disrepair, sometimes really bad! I once bought a home that had 55 cats and sadly not all of them were alive. You name it I’ve probably bought it from bad foundations to extensive water damage. I love buying Cape Coral homes and revitalizing them to be used in the community again. Sellers who are feeling the pressure of a home like this after speaking to me and understanding all these stresses become my problem, they can sell me the home and be done gives a Seller immediate relief from the stress. Sometimes Sellers have fond memories of a “family home” but over time was too costly to update and sell me the home and ask me to show them when its completed, I love doing that! It’s a happy ending to a home that brought many good memories.

At Henry Home Buyer we are not pro salespeople who will hound you for asking how to Sell your Cape Coral home. I understand you have questions and need information to make decisions. My approach is a sale has to work for you and me, lets talk about what your goals are and if I’m a match then Ill buy your home, if not, no harm no foul, maybe my other company TM Listings will be a match.

some examples of homes I’ve bought

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