Sell my Farmington house fast for cash

Do you have a home you inherited, or a home that’s in rough shape and needs a lot of updating or extensive rehabbing, or just need to close fast and relocate.

The real estate market has been drastically shifting, looks like it peaked May 2022, when interest rates started hiking at record speed, it caused many Farmington house buyers to pause their search, as they could not afford the high prices of Farmington homes and high interest mortgage payments. Inventory is slowly building, we are seeing price reductions regularly and it’s taking much longer time to sell a home with very few multiple offers. Farmington house buyers are being more picky meaning property condition is becoming a bigger deal. If you have a home that’s in poor condition it makes selling it in a short period very challenging.

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When you find yourself in this situation, you have a home that’s in tough shape, it needs to be sold, what should you do? You have 3 options:

Sell it with a realtor. If you list it, you can either fix it up yourself, of course that will mean hiring contractors and floating the bills while the rehab is in progress. Sometimes this will yield the highest return, not always.

Sell your home As-Is – I’ve sold thousands of homes for banks, or even myself, just simply had them listed and sold as they are, no repairs. I would weigh out the cost of rehabs vs selling it as is at a discounted price and then make a decision. Selling as is, you will still deal with showings, inspections and appraisals and there’s always a change the deal could fall apart.

Sell your Farmington home for cash – This is by far the easiest solution. In full disclosure this option will not bring in the most money, you will exchange some equity for an easy simple convenient sale. Sellers who sell me their home typically don’t want to deal with the long process of selling a home the traditional way, or have to make any repairs. They typically want to sell and close fairly quickly, most leave personal property they don’t want behind and don’t want to deal with it. Sellers who sell to me, a cash home buyer, enjoy the simplicity of the process. I come out, look at your home, make an offer and close when it’s convenient for you. I’ve purchased homes in as little as 48 hours.

Let’s a take a look at some of the homes I’ve purchased:

This home had about 55 cats, they sprayed everywhere, you could smell the cat spray from the road. The city condemned the home. You could not enter the home without a respirator mask and once you came back outside your hair and clothes smelled like cat spray. This home was a massive undertaking, sheetrock had to come down to the studs and the home had to be treated like a fire house where you seal in the smells. We rehabbed the home, the neighbors and city were very happy in the end. The sellers were happy to find a solution.

Sell my Farmington house for cash

This home the seller needed to sell and close fast, as I understood, if they didn’t sell and close quickly, they could be evicted from assisted living. The home was extremely dated and needed a lot of work, we bought it in record time and seller was extremely happy.

Sell my house for cash fast
Farmington Cash home buyer

This was a commercial building, it needed updating and clean out, it was in foreclosure and if it didn’t close quick the seller would lose out on a lot of money. We bought the home, closed quick and the seller was able to walk away with a lot of equity.

This was a home we bought, the sellers were divorcing, the home is in poor shape and needed a lot of work and clean out. We bought it as is and rehabbed the whole house, turned out really nice in the end. The sellers were happy, the neighbors were happy and the buyer who purchased the home from us after rehabbing was very happy.

Sell my haorder house for cash
Getting divorced sell my house fast for cash

This was a home the city was sending notices the seller. A lot of homeowners don’t realize the amount of work it takes to keep up with a home and this one got away from her, she traveled a lot for work and the outside grew like crazy with weeds and buckthorn. She sold us the home, we cleaned up the exterior, satisfied the city and rehabbed the interior. The tricky part on this one was the sewer line failed and we had to replaced it…expensive job! In the end, the seller was very happy. When we rehabbed the home the buyer was very happy.

Assisted living sell my house fast for cash

This home we bought was in a similar situation, the city was sending notices and fines to the seller. The seller was going through a lot of personal problems and his Dad was helping. The home was in very poor condition on the inside. They sold us the home, they were very happy with the sale. We then did a massive renovation and sold the home to a buyer who was very excited.

Sell my Farmington house that needs a lot of repairs

I could go on a share many many stories on homes we’ve bought and rehabbed over the years but I think you get the idea.

I encourage you to reach out to us, have us look at your home and make an offer, its free. After I make an offer, if you choose a different route, I wont hound you or try to hard sale like some of the other home buyers. When I present an offer, if you want to take it, you will and if it doesn’t work for you, you wont, no big deal. I like doing business when it works for you the seller and me the buyer, has to be right for both to work.

If you’re thinking about selling your Farmington home and want a cash offer, reach out to us today

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