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Taking on a home renovation is no small feat. At the same time, updating your home can be the perfect way to improve energy efficiency, provide inspiration, save time and money, and even create happiness. If you’re considering a renovation of your home, consider a few things before diving into your DIY project or calling in the pros. Read on for a simple list from Henry Home Buyer of things you’ll want to consider before you begin that home update.

Making the Plan Work for You

One of the most important things to know when renovating your home is that it’ll go more smoothly if you put the proper time into planning. Start by taking a look at your home in its entirety to prioritize where you’ll start. You’ll want to look at your home’s flooring, energy efficiency, lighting, roofing, landscape, interior design, and all major HVAC systems before coming up with your plan.

You should also look around at homes in your area to get a sense for what features are valued and what sells. You may have in mind to install a pool, for example, but it’s worth reconsidering if you see that homes nearby don’t get added value from a pool. Whatever your renovation plans, make sure they actually add value to your home.

A great way to plan any home renovation is through software programs and apps that can help you predict supply needs, costs, and other important estimates. For example, a roof estimating software program will help you know you’re getting a fair bid from a roofing contractor, as it will allow them to calculate complex measurements and roof areas using local material cost data. It can be great for custom pricing and taxes, too. 

Designating Spaces in Your Home

After determining where you’ll start, you’ll need to think about ways to designate spaces in your home. Whether adding an outdoor kitchen to a backyard oasis or putting a gym in the basement, it’s important to know what space will be used for what purpose and to consider traffic flow before heading off to the lumber yard.

Adding a Home Office

With the rise of working from home, it’s a good idea to make sure your home has a home office space even if you don’t currently work from home. Future buyers will appreciate it. Focus on making sure your workspace is distraction-free. You’ll also want lots of good lighting, natural or otherwise. And make sure that you invest in good office furniture—if you spend a lot of time sitting, it’s worthwhile to do so comfortably.

Making Your Home Work for You

When allocating spaces in your home to different uses, consider not only the present but the future. Maybe your family is growing or changing, and what you need now won’t be the same two years down the road. Your ability to think ahead will save you money in the long run. 

Another way to think ahead is to consider your career and potential lifestyle changes. If a home office is something you may need in the future, be sure to save space that you’ll be able to soundproof and use for work down the road. 

Renovating for Efficiency and Cost

Another way to save money on your home is to consider upgrades like solar power, insulation, and upgraded windows to reduce fuel costs. As inflation and energy prices soar worldwide, considering efficiency in your home is a smart way to move forward with any renovation. 

Your Dream Update

Whether you’re fully renovating your dream home or adding a home office and a new roof to an older home, your renovation will go smoothly if you take the time to make the plan work for you. You’ll go further in your renovation project by considering your lifestyle and costs and using the right apps and tools.

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Author, Danny Knight

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