Big Stock Swings Equal Housing Market Shifts

In my years watching the stock market and real estate, I’ve formed some opinions on how global issues impact the economy. The stock market has been up and down, volatile waves. What’s happening is the Corona virus was the pin that popped the bubble. The Federal Reserve, which controls interest rates is trying to maintain … Continued

What Makes Henry Home Buyer Stand Out

Hello home sellers, it’s Troy here. I just want to touch base on what makes me stand out as a cash buyer among all the rest. When it comes to selling your home to an investor there are a few tasks on my side of the house- we do a title search to ensure the … Continued

Buying Houses in Minneapolis and St. Paul

A quick note on my philosophy of how I purchase a house in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. I like buying houses that I know with a little elbow grease will become houses that others will want to buy. I love staying in the entry-level tier so that there are always home … Continued

What Makes Us Different

In our experience as cash buyers, we have found over and over the same fundamentals that sellers are looking for. 1. They are likely seeking a simple transaction, one which takes them down the yellow brick road smoother, faster and easier than a traditional home sale. 2. They are looking for the facts and they … Continued

Clutter… It’s Okay!

Are you a seller ready to move but anxious about what do to with all of your stuff? Keeping the drapes closed so the neighbors don’t catch a glimpse of many “to-do” piles? Wanting to put the house on the market but not excited about opening your doors to strangers traipsing through the house? WE … Continued

Summer Projects Recap

As we close the books on some of our most interesting and challenging projects to date- it’s time to reflect on the fun we have had along the way. Some highlights include learning to use the paint sprayer in the basement of an old 1920’s home, creating a much cleaner, bright look. Secondly, getting the … Continued